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We constantly hear about the principles smart people live by and the habits that make them successful. But what about the things they don’t do? Maybe these no-nos help them on their way to the top just as much the stuff they make sure to do?
Let’s take a look at what things highly intelligent people avoid doing and how this influences their lives for the better.

They always try to save money. 0:42
They don’t rely on others. 1:38
They don’t agree with something they don’t like. 2:25
They don’t hold grudges. 3:04
They don’t count on luck. 3:50
They don’t give up on their ideas. 4:39
They don’t dwell on the past. 5:34
They don’t let other people bring them down. 6:24

– One of the many useful skills clever people certainly possess is being in control of their finances.
– Just stop and think: can’t you make it work yourself? Your fear of doing something wrong is just an imaginary roadblock standing in your way.
– “No” is one of the most useful words ever, and you shouldn’t be afraid to use it. It saves you time, helps you steer clear of unwanted obligations.
– The truth is that holding grudges is useless and doesn’t help the situation at all. Learn to let go and free yourself from any negative energy.
– Intelligent people would just rather be ready for any possible outcome.
– Just because a couple of people think that it’s not gonna work doesn’t mean that you should quit doing something you love.
– Smart people aren’t ashamed of blunders and don’t constantly replay them over and over again in their minds.
– Intelligent people realize that and know that not everybody is gonna like them. And that’s okay because just like all other people, they aren’t here to be liked.

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Which one of these points do you think is the most necessary one to live by? Tell us in the comments below!

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