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How to Boost Your Brain Power. In case you want to get the best grades at school or succeed at work and get a promotion for your analytical skills and creativity, there’s good news. You can boost your brain and logic skills the same way you boost your muscles.

If you solve hard riddles regularly, you’ll notice how it gets easier and easier for you to think outside the box.


1. Grandma and her absent-minded granddaughter 0:05
2. Grandma and the chicken 1:37
3. Can you tell a criminal by his hands? 3:00
4. How can you be the one to put the last coin on the table? 4:57
5. Strange findings in the desert 6:51

-Help grandma figure out which pill is which and get both the high pressure and allergy pills given that they look the same.
-Can you help grandma do the math to find out how many eggs she will get in the next 15 days?
-Can you guess which of the suspects is the criminal by looking at their hands?
-Sally and her rival should take turns to put one coin after another on the table. Help Sally pick a winning strategy and get that promotion she deserves.
-Sally found a few bags of sand in her way through the desert, then she saw a few edibles in there, and after a while, she stumbled upon shoes of different sizes. Finally, she saw a body of a barefoot man who was holding a broken match in his hands. Can you guess what it’s all about? What happened there?

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